Pipeline Repair Optimization

PTC takes into account (in robust Hybrid-PiMS) all required information such as CP performance, DCVG results, HCAs, etc all next to structural integrity assessment results which comes from ILI (In-line Inspection) reports to minimize the number of repair with highest remnant life.
Imagine if you repair 10 points, you can increase remnant life of your pipeline for say 10 years (plan A), but there could be a point (among previous 10 points) which if you repair it you could extend remnant lifetime for 9 years and you can arrange another ILI before (Cost consideration module). It means in initial plan (plan A) you are repairing another 9 locations just for one year more. What PTC offers is the best DSS (Decision Support System) in an alternative plans (Plan B, C, D, etc) to minimize number of points within maximum possible remnant lifetime extension.