EPRS (Emergency Pipeline Repair System)

EPRS is the process of deciding on an emergency repair procedure and retaining the necessary tooling, equipment and services before a situation occurs. With this system in place EPRS can immediately react to unplanned repairs, minimising damage to the environment and field operation. Essentially, it is insurance for the asset owner for both onshore and offshore pipelines.

PTC has been providing EPRS consultancy services for oil & gas pipelines in the region has a leading engineering team in for both onshore and subsea contingency repair.

The risk of damage to a pipeline is mitigated throughout every stage of manufacture, deployment and continued assets life; however damage does occur and the asset owner is responsible. Although the perceived risk of damage to pipelines is low, the resultant high cost and exposure that occurs during an emergency is potentially immense.

As part of our EPRS offering PTC offers consultancy services for:

  • EPRS assessment (onshore, offshore, shore approach)
  • Shared asset negotiation
  • Service recommendation
  • Cost evaluation of joining region EPRS clubs
  • Recommendation for in-house emergency stock
  • Recommendation for scope of work and service agreement for:
    – Bolting equipment rental and servicing
    – Installation engineers
    – Portable machining rental
    – Secure storage and maintenance
    – Technical support and training
    – Call-off contracts for welding team (wet and dry), divers, tension tooling and repair  clamps.
  • Cased/Culvert segments EPRS (onshore pipelines)