Pipeline Integrity Status Study

The primary goal of any pipeline operator is to be able to prove that they are running and managing a safe and reliable pipeline network with cost control. Pipeline Integrity Management is a process for evaluating and reducing pipeline risks and ensuring that all local and national regulations are met throughout this process.

Whilst the integrity management process will involve many different elements; people, equipment, processes and technology, at some point during the journey an operator will look for a more efficient and cost effective way to process large volumes of data to ensure the integrity of their pipelines, thereby proving they qualify to hold a license to operate.

When an operator is looking for a software package, there are normally two options available:
1. buy a ready built off-the-shelf software package; or
2. a custom solution developed specifically for the needs of the operator.

Alternatively you can find a PiMS provider that can deliver a hybrid solution that meets most of the operator’s needs without buying a software and paying for licenses.



Hybrid-PiMS™ is a pipeline integrity model that combines ILI data next to CP (DCVG, CIPS, Corrosion Coupons, etc. with all pipeline inspection data on built in GIS model to identify critical (RED color of integrity) segments. Not only this one, but also Hybrid-PiMS ™ can support pipeline asset owner with different scenarios to operate the pipeline with taking into account 3 essential parameters in PiMS which are Safety, reliability and Cost.

The main advantages of Hybrid-PiMS ™:

  • First of all, this system is 100% match with the client requirements.
  • As Hybrid-PiMS™ is developed in short time with a team of experts for specific pipeline, it can evolve to meet all client needs.
  • This solution offers the best of both worlds, and is becoming more commonplace in the pipeline industry today.
  • Development cost is very low side in comparison with conventional softwares.
    Hybrid-PiMS™ is suite of integrated modules to support the entire pipeline integrity management process.
  • The model includes all the advantages of existing models.
  • Contains a large number of configurable tools that make the software solution truly unique.
  • Allows operators to adopt a working system at the beginning stage of the project not just at the end (like conventional software projects).
  • The client gets access to PiMS report in very early stage of project.
  • Very match with existing organization chart and culture.
  • No need to buy another software licenses (Like GIS, ILI, CP softwares, etc.).
  • System is updating every month and generates Risk-based Assessment (RBA) reports to client.
  • The results will be tailored precisely to client’s specific requirements.
  • Hybrid-PiMS™ has internal criteria for segmentations of subject pipelines which is very well matching with client requirements. Not only this one, but also Hybrid-PiMS ™ has a Dynamic segmentation to change it any time with different point of views.
  • We guarantee and ensure that client gets the results that works in exactly the way that he wants and that it also delivers the results that client is looking for.
  • Hybrid-PiMS™ team is focused on the new modules and features for Pipeline Integrity for subsea and onshore pipelines.

These tools allow the pipeline operator to further adjust the functionality to meet very specific needs.