Pipeline-Technologies Co. (PTC) has a track record in arranging and delivering Oil and Gas pipeline integrity related training courses.
The below specialised training courses are currently available and periodically delivered for Oil and Gas engineers globally:

  • Pipeline engineering (2 days)
  • PiMS for Higher managers and stockholders (1 day)
  • PiMS for Integrity managers (2 day)
  • Pipeline Cleaning Pigging (1 day)
  • Pipeline Pigging Technology (2 days)
  • ILI data analysis (2 days)
  • ILI data analysis workshop (1 day)
  • Pipeline FFS (5 days)
  • Pipeline Risk assessment (3 days)
  • Pipeline Repair methods, special focus on EGS (2 days)
  • In-service welding (1 day)
  • Pig trap design, Operation, Maintenance, inspection and Integrity plan (2 days)
  • The art of thinking clearly (Pipeline Integrity engineer bias/ mistakes), (1 day – Coming soon)